The Plan for Transformation began in 2000 under the leadership of Mayor Richard M. Daley with approval from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It was the largest, most ambitious redevelopment effort of public housing in the United States, with the goal of rehabilitating or redeveloping the entire stock of public housing in Chicago.

By the end of the Plan, 25,000 units of housing will be renovated or built new. The Plan for Transformation functions under a Moving To Work Agreement with HUD.  

The Plan for Transformation goes far beyond the physical structure of public housing. It aims to build and strengthen communities by integrating public housing and its leaseholders into the larger social, economic and physical fabric of Chicago.    

CHA, through various City of Chicago departments and non-profit partners, offers leaseholders a comprehensive array of supportive services that lead to self-sufficiency, such as job training, job placement, substance abuse treatment, education, summer programs, day care, and more.  Mixed-income communities break down the social barriers that formerly segregated public housing residents from the larger city of Chicago. Where there were once isolated superblocks, the street grid is being recreated to seamlessly integrate the new developments into the surrounding neighborhoods.

In addition to transforming the culture and structure of public housing, the Plan also improves the administration of CHA.  Since the Plan’s inception, CHA has streamlined its staff from more than 2,600 to fewer than 500 today. CHA now focuses on its primary responsibility as an asset manager and contracts with private professional property management firms to manage properties.  

As with any good plan, the Plan for Transformation continues to evolve to best meet the needs of CHA leaseholders and other stakeholders. Yearly goals in all areas of work are set out in our Annual Plans, while accomplishments from previous years are detailed in our Annual Reports.  To view current and past Annual Plans or Reports, click here.