Working With Development 

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Developers and property owners can work with CHA in the following ways:

  • Capital loan with operating subsidy through the Mixed Finance Program. This is a typical structure for developments that are owned by the developer. This structure can also be used on other developments on CHA and non-CHA owned land, subject to HUD procurement and development requirements. Developers must be selected through a competitive process in order to apply for Mixed Financing.
  • Sale of residential property to CHA. In this structure, the developer facilitates all required capital improvements and then sells the units to CHA. There are no pre-selection requirements.
  • Rental assistance only through the Property Rental Assistance Program.  In this structure, the property is developer-owned and CHA enters into a long-term rental assistance contract with the owner for a specified number of units designated for public housing. There are no pre-selection requirements.

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The “Development Financing Application & Overview” should guide development proposals submitted for CHA consideration. Please note:  Developers seeking a capital loan with operating subsidy will also be required to submit a Part Two application after initial determination of CHA interest and project feasibility.

Parcels Available - Real Estate Opportunities

Development Financing Overview 

Development Financing Application 

Opportunity and General Area Map (PDF)