Learn about the Housing Choice Voucher Program at our free Property Owner Briefings

Over 17,000 Property Owners are increasing their rental income and building stronger communities through CHA’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program.

Want to join them? Then don’t miss one of our exclusive Owner Briefings to learn more about the HCV Program and the many benefits you will receive as a Property Owner, including:

  • Free Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections
  • The potential for lower property taxes
  • Continued CHA rental income during owner-initiated evictions
  • Low vacancy rates
  • Reliable rent
  • Free and continued Owner education
  • Good residents

In this two-hour training session, you will learn:

  • HCV Program policies and procedures
  • Property management tips
  • Your rights as a participating Property Owner
  • The automated inspection process
  • How rental rates are determined
  • How to list your property

Plus, interact with CHA Representatives face-to-face, have your questions answered and receive a complimentary Property Owner Reference Manual and HQS Inspection Guidebook to assist you throughout the rental process with HCV Program Voucher Holders.


Afternoon Briefings @ FIC 2pm-4pm   RSVP: https://briefing-fic.eventbrite.com

January 12th

May 11th

September 7th

February 2nd

June 1st

October 5th

March 9th

July 13th

November 2nd

April 6th

August 3rd

December 14th


Evening Briefings @ Central (Room 905) 6pm-8pm  RSVP: https://briefing-central.eventbrite.com

January 26th

May 17th

September 21st

February 16th

June 15th

October 19th

March 16th

July 20th

November 16th

April 20th

August 17th

December 7th   


Spanish Briefing @ (Room 906) Central Office 2pm-4pm  RSVP: https://briefing-spanish.eventbrite.com

February 28th   

June 29th

November 30th