Job Opportunity

Director, Capital Construction

Grade: 71
Position Number: EDCC-DEV730
Salary: Commensurate with experience


This position is responsible for the direction and oversight of capital improvement projects throughout the Authority; for ensuring the cost-effectiveness and timely completion of construction and capital improvement activities, housing standards inspections, architectural/engineering and vacancy reduction programs and projects.


Examples of responsibilities of this position may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Administer the overall capital construction and capital improvement projects including the formulation of policies and procedures, approval of requisitions and change orders, and preparation of grant/funding applications for the Authority.
  2. Make decisions regarding the allocation of manpower, materials, and equipment for construction activities and the appropriation of funds for construction projects and change orders.
  3. Ensure accomplishment of goals and adherence to completion schedules.
  4. Attend meetings with community representatives, residents, and municipal agencies to communicate the Authority’s position on issues and respond to areas of concern.
  5. Administer the Comprehensive Grant Program to ensure compliance with HUD regulations and adherence to budgetary constraints.
  6. Monitor reports and program activities to coordinate construction and modernization activity schedules and funding levels.
  7. Formulate policies and procedures for the capital improvement/construction management department to provide guidance and consistency to staff as they carry out their duties.
  8. Approve correspondence and other documentation to ensure timely processing of capital improvement/construction activities.
  9. Respond to emergencies such as boiler explosions or window child guars and conduct on-going inspections of housing units throughout the Authority.
  10. Plan, staff, and supervise all assigned work unit activities through subordinate managers to insure a cohesive operational unit.
  11. Provide advice, guidance, and direction to all subordinate managers in the day-to-day operation of the department
  12. Coordinate and confer with professional staff to resolve operating problems and difficulties, and authorize department operational procedures.
  13. Implement department policies and procedures, within the framework of CHA policy.
  14. Authorize/approve all supervision personnel transactions (hiring, transfers, wages, etc.) in conjunction with departmental project managers.
  15. Ensure all CHA, department, & technical policies, procedures, standards, etc. are adhered to. Interpret policies as required.
  16. Provide overall staff direction and guidance regarding department and CHA goals and objectives.
  17. Determine scope of department work activities, job objectives, schedules, and budget considerations.
  18. Confer with professional staff to resolve operating and administrative problems.
  19. Oversee and manage the functions, short- and long-term goals, standards and performance of subordinate staff.
  20. Perform other duties as assigned.


Master’s degree in Public Administration, Urban Planning, Business Administration or related field, 5-year technical or business administration degree or equivalent plus ten years extensive experience in the management of construction segments. Extensive knowledge of engineering and design techniques plus thorough understanding of all engineering disciplines required. Advanced knowledge of the construction/rehabilitation/renovation industry required. Excellent organizational, leadership, communication, and analytical skills a necessity. Ten years supervisory experience plus knowledge of housing management, property development; demonstrated experience in cost analysis, budget planning and administration; knowledgeable in accounting procedures. Must possess a working knowledge of state, local, and federal guidelines, as well as local fire and Chicago building codes and HUD modernization and rehabilitation requirements. 


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