Employment & Education Services

FamilyWorks is the foundation for CHA’s employment support services.  Case managers provide wrap-around services and referrals to the programs available in Chicago’s social services network, and specialized employment staff are responsible for conducting job preparation training (soft skills), direct placement, employment retention and referrals to other services, including job training and education.

Other employment initiatives include:

  • Section 3.  CHA’s Section 3 program focuses on direct hiring and training of residents for CHA contracts.
  • Transitional Jobs.  CHA contracts with agencies to provide Transitional Jobs – time-limited, subsidized jobs that combine real work, skill development and supportive services to transition participants successfully to unsubsidized positions. 
  • City Colleges.  Any CHA resident can attend the City Colleges of Chicago at no cost (after financial aid, while funds are available). If interested, please call 312-553-2830.

Residents who are looking for employment services should contact their FamilyWorks provider.  To locate your FamilyWorks provider, please call the FamilyWorks hotline at 312.935.2625.

In addition, any job seeker in Chicago can access the Workforce Centers in Chicago for assistance. 

Those who are unemployed and have exhausted their employment benefits may also be eligible to participate in the new Platform to Employment program launching in Chicago/Cook County this May.  Platform to Employment is currently enrolling individuals who are 50 years of age and older or veterans who are 30 years of age and younger.

Job seekers can also utilize Illinois Job Link, a searchable database for jobs.