Trumbull Park Homes
A Trumbull Park Homes
2455 E. 106th St., Chicago IL
Units fully rehabbed in South Deering Development
B Altgeld Gardens and Phillip Murray Homes
976 E. 132nd Place
Chicago IL 60827
C Bridgeport Homes
3175 S. Lituanica Avenue
Chicago IL 60608
E Harold Ickes Homes
2326 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago IL 60616
F Lake Parc Place
Pershing Road and Lake Park Avenue
Chicago IL 60653
G Lawndale Gardens
California Ave and 25th Street
Chicago IL 60608
H Lowden Homes
95th Place and Wentworth Avenue
Chicago IL 60617
I Washington Park Low-Rises
6217 S. Calumet Ave.
Chicago IL 60637
J Dearborn Homes
2840 S. State Street
Chicago IL 60616
K Wentworth Gardens
38th Street and Princeton Avenue
Chicago IL 60609
L Lathrop Homes
2000 W. Diversey Avenue
Chicago IL 60618

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Family Properties

Under the Plan for Transformation, CHA will rehabilitate thousands of public housing units in traditional family properties. These units provide a valuable and quality housing option for low-income families in the city of Chicago.

Rehabilitation at traditional developments include infrastructure improvements, such as new plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems. Renovated properties also receive new bathrooms, kitchens, updated appliances, roofs, improved landscaping and all other necessary and cosmetic repairs.

Property management plays a fundamental role in the quality of life and living standards in traditional developments and throughout CHA’s portfolio. Leaseholders must exemplify good neighborliness, have a level of responsibility and fully comply with leases to ensure a high quality tenancy and the successful integration of traditional developments into the surrounding community.

Leaseholders in traditional public housing developments are required to either work part-time or enroll in an educational, vocational or job-training program for at least 20 hours a week. This work requirement is supported by extensive support services and ensures a better quality of life for tenants and the surrounding communities alike.

CHA is currently not accepting new applicants for the traditional public housing wait list. However, units are available for leaseholders who were living in CHA developments prior to the Plan for Transformation. To browse traditional public housing developments, use the search function above.