Lowden Homes

Lowden Homes

95th Place and Wentworth Avenue
Energy efficient units featured in this West Chesterfield development

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Built in 1953, Lowden Homes was named after Frank O. Lowden, an illustrious political figure who was an Illinois governor, a U.S. congressman and eventual presidential candidate. Today, this 127-unit south side development features energy-efficient gas hot water heaters, insulated exterior doors and attics and temperature sensors. The CHA has also installed combined smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, hazardous leak detectors and controller boards in each unit to increase the security and energy efficiency of families living in Lowden Homes.


Only residents who were living in CHA developments as of October 1, 1999, and have remained lease-compliant are eligible to live at this property.  The CHA is currently not accepting new applicants at any of its family properties.  Eligible CHA relocatees should contact their relocation manager for more information.