Public Housing Units Update

As of December 31, 2013, the total number of CHA public housing units is 21,230. This number includes all standing public housing units and is not the same as CHA’s progress toward the 25,000 unit delivery goal. CHA’s public housing units are categorized in two ways:

  • Online/Leasable Units: This includes all occupied units plus those that are vacant but available for occupancy/leasable. CHA’s vacancy rate is calculated based on online, leasable units.
  • Offline Units: This includes units unavailable for occupancy and offline for HUD-approved reasons such as pending demolition or disposition, capital maintenance or modification, non-dwelling use, relocation resources, and non-rehabilitated/uninhabitable units closed for pending redevelopment.

Of the total standing public housing units, 18,340 units are currently online/leasable. A total of 2,890 public housing units are offline for HUD-approved reasons and not currently available for occupancy. According to HUD guidelines, these offline units are not counted toward the count of vacant units to determine the occupancy rate. The status of these offline units is summarized in the following table. CHA will provide quarterly updates on the status of offline units.


Offline Unit Summary

Q4 Offline Unit Summary