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Full solicitations can be viewed via BuySpeed. Each solicitation varies depending on the scope of the bid, but generally CHA procures goods and services in the following ways:

The Informal Solicitation Process (Less than $100K)

Purchase orders for goods and services valued at less than $100,000 may be solicited without public advertisement via mail or fax quotations to at least three and often more vendors. CHA also solicits emergency contracts by phone without public advertisement. These transactions are executed to meet emergency departmental needs and are heavily scrutinized by the Department of Procurement & Contracts.

The Formal Solicitation Process (More than $100K)

The formal process applies to procurements valued at $100,000 or more. Solicitations must be processed in an open and competitive manner. In cases in which a Request for Proposal (RFP) is needed, vendors compete in a sealed bidding process, which is evaluated based on benefits and/or price. All solicitations procured under the formal process must be approved by CHA's Board of Commissioners.

All bids and proposals are tendered to: 60 East Van Buren Street, 13th Floor, Chicago, IL 60605.

No proposals will be accepted late or from an incorrect location. Consult individual solicitation for deadline information.

Notice To All CHA Bidders:

Section XI, of CHA contracts, Section 3 Certification should read as follows:

To the extent that the contract to be awarded to the contractor involves construction, is a service contract with a labor component or a professional service contract, such a contract is a Section 3 contract pursuant to §24 CFR 135.3 et seq., and the contractor hereby certifies that said contractor will comply with all Section 3 regulations set forth at 24 CFR, Part 135 and any applicable CHA Board Resolution(s).

This pertains to all contracts with the exception of Supply and Delivery regardless of the dollar amount of the contract.