The Kenmore
A The Kenmore
5040 N. Kenmore Avenue, Chicago IL 60640
Spacious, environmentally-friendly apartments in Uptown
B Britton Budd Apartments
501 W. Surf Street
Chicago IL 60657
C Lincoln Perry Apartments & Annex
3245 S. Prairie Avenue
Chicago IL 60616
D Albany Terrace Apartments
3030 W. 21st Place
Chicago IL 60623
E Apartamentos Las Americas
1611 S. Racine Avenue
Chicago IL 60608
F Edith Spurlock Sampson Apartments & Annex
2640 N. Sheffield Avenue
Chicago IL 60614
G Elizabeth Davis Apartments
440 N. Drake Avenue
Chicago IL 60624
H Elizabeth Woods Apartments
1845 N. Larrabee Street
Chicago IL 60614
I Ella Flagg Young Apartments
4645 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago IL 60640
J Irene McCoy Gaines Apartments
3700 W. Congress Parkway
Chicago IL 60624
K Judge Green Apartments
4030 S. Lake Park Avenue
Chicago IL 60624
L Judge Slater Apartments & Annex
740 E. 43rd Street
Chicago IL 60653
M Kenneth Campbell Apartments
6360 S. Minerva Avenue
Chicago IL 60637
N Lidia Pucinska Apartments & Annex
847 N. Greenview Avenue
Chicago IL 60622
O Mary Jane Richardson-Jones Apartments
4930 S. Langley Avenue
Chicago IL 60615
P Minnie Riperton Apartments
4250 S. Princeton Avenue
Chicago IL 60609
Q Patrick Sullivan Apartments
1633 W. Madison Street
Chicago IL 60612
R Vivian Carter Apartments
6401 S. Yale Avenue
Chicago IL 60621
S Maudelle Brown Bousfield Apartments
4949 S. Cottage Grove Avenue
Chicago IL 60615
T Ada S. Dennison-McKinley Apartments
661 E. 69th Street
Chicago IL 60637
U Armour Square Apartments & Annex
3120 S. Wentworth Street
Chicago IL 60616
V Caroline Hedger Apartments
6400 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago IL 60626
W Castleman Apartments
4945 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago IL 60640
X Daniel Hudson Burnham Apartments
1930 W. Loyola Avenue
Chicago IL 60626
Y Fisher Apartments
5821 N. Broadway Street
Chicago IL 60660
Z Flannery Apartments
1531 N. Clybourn Avenue
Chicago IL 60610
1 Hattie Callner Apartments
855 W. Aldine Avenue
Chicago IL 60657
2 Long Life Apartments
344 W. 28th Place
Chicago IL 60616
3 Lorraine Hansberry Apartments
5670 W. Lake Street
Chicago IL 60644
4 Mahalia Jackson Apartments
9141-9177 S. South Chicago Avenue
Chicago IL 60617
5 Major Lawrence Apartments
655 W. 65th Street
Chicago IL 60621
6 Margaret Day Blake Apartments
2140 N. Clark Street
Chicago IL 60614
7 Maria Diaz Martinez Apartments
2111 N. Halsted Street
Chicago IL 60614
8 Mary Hartwell Catherwood Apartments
3920-3940 N. Clark Street
Chicago IL 60613
9 Alfreda Barnett Duster Apartments
150 S. Campbell Avenue
Chicago IL 60612
10 Schneider Apartments
1750 W. Peterson Avenue
Chicago IL 60660
11 Vivian Gordon Harsh Apartments
4227 S. Oakenwald Avenue
Chicago IL 60653
12 Wicker Park Apartments & Annex
1414 N. Damen Avenue
Chicago IL 60622
13 William Jones Apartments
1447 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago IL 60608
14 Zelda Ormes Apartments
116 W. Elm Street
Chicago IL 60610
15 Hilliard Towers Apartments
2031 S. Clark Street
Chicago IL 60616

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Senior Properties

CHA has nearly 9,400 senior units in dozens of buildings located throughout Chicago. More than 98 percent of our senior housing stock has been rehabilitated with updated kitchens, new appliances, renovated bathrooms and upgraded heating/cooling systems. These high-rise buildings offer breathtaking city views and amenities such as recreation rooms, senior service offices, 24-hour front desk monitors and on-site management and maintenance.


Senior Housing Overview