CHA is much more than bricks and mortar. It's also about supporting families as they strive for self-sufficiency, and a central goal of Plan Forward is to expand services to more residents, targeted to their needs, and at critical milestones in their lives. CHA works with a broad range of partners and contractors to provide services to aid leaseholders in a range of ways, centered on four overarching goals:

In pursuit of these goals, residents looking to find new or better employment, advance their education, find programs for their children, or get help in a variety of other areas can access CHA services. CHA encourages those who qualify to take advantage of these resources while they are available, as thousands of families do each year. 

CHA’s Service Model: FamilyWorks


FamilyWorks is a voluntary case coordination program serving CHA’s entire population of public housing and 10/1/99 relocatee residents living in the private market temporarily using Housing Choice Vouchers.  All of these families can seek out services at any time, and targeted employment assistance is directed to adults who are able to work but not employed.  FamilyWorks also works with 10/1/99 residents to help them satisfy their Right of Return. 

The FamilyWorks model is the cornerstone of CHA’s services. As such, it is essential for nearly all initiatives and deliverables under Plan Forward Goal 3: Expand services to more residents, targeted to their needs, and at critical milestones in their lives.  FamilyWorks provides both direct services and referrals.


Current FamilyWorks providers are:

  • Beacon Therapeutic
  • Catholic Charities
  • Centers for New Horizons
  • Employment & Employer Services
  • Heartland Human Care Services
  • Holsten Human Capital Development
  • Metropolitan Family Services
  • Near West Side CDC
  • UCAN

To find your case management provider, click here to download a map and contact information. Providers are assigned by zip code unless otherwise marked. For more information about FamilyWorks or for help locating your case management provider, please call the FamilyWorks hotline at 312.935.2625 or