Meet our CHAngemakers - everyday people who make a difference in their community, impact the lives of those around them and strive for a brighter future. We invite you to read their inspiring stories here and we encourage you to check back often for new stories. CHA is honored to highlight the uplifting work of these individuals as they make themselves, their families and their local communities stronger.  

CHAngemakerChristine Magee


CHA resident Christine Magee, a participant in the CHA Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS), program was highlighted in the New York Times for building $7,765 in escrow and improving her credit score from 540 to 720 in just two years. Originally, Magee joined the Family Self Sufficiency program simply to improve her credit score after racking up $22,000 in debt, but soon she discovered she could do so much more. 

“I could have stayed on for another three years and continued to build escrow, but I thought, ‘You’ve accomplished your goal. Give someone else a chance. Anybody would be crazy not to take advantage of this program.” - Christine Magee, FSS Graduate

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CHAngemakerKenya Robertson


Kenya Robertson’s dream is becoming a reality.

The South Side resident and CHA voucher holder will open the FAM Entertainment Theater Company performing arts space on Oct. 22, a collaborative with a mission to inspire women, artists and youth.  

“I am very excited! This has been a dream of mine for over 10 years. I have been doing this as a hobby. But after receiving the grant from CHA and taking classes at the Urban League, it helped my dream move out of ‘hobby mode’ and establish a business.” – Kenya Robertson 

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CHAngemaker: Armeker Wright


A new grocery store coming to your neighborhood is always good news, but for Armeker Wright, it means so much more. The Oakwood Shores resident is one of 97 CHA residents who is working at the new Mariano’s in Bronzeville, and her road to success started with her own great attitude, big smile and determination to land a job at the store that’s just one block from her home.

CHA sold the land to developers Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives and WBS Equities, LLC and as part of the land sale, Mariano’s agreed to hire CHA residents. CHA’s role in the project underscores how its investments in people and community assets are making an impact on
people’s lives and Chicago neighborhoods.

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