CHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program builds on HUD’s FSS program model by enabling participants to build financial assets while working toward educational, professional, and personal goals.

FSS is a goal focused program to assist participants to increase financial stability and move forward on an individualized path toward self-sufficiency.  Each participant comes into the program with a unique set of personal goals, some of which include:

  • Reducing debt/improving credit
  • Earning a post-secondary degree or GED
  • Starting a new career
  • Obtaining a new job
  • Starting a business
  • Becoming a homeowner

Our FSS partner, Heartland Human Care Services, works directly with participants on setting personal goals, developing a plan and identifying resources and supports to meet the goals, and increasing financial stability and awareness.  FSS Coordinators also provide mentoring to empower families in making positive life changes.

While participants work on their self-sufficiency plan, CHA manages an FSS savings account that enables participants to build financial assets. As participants achieve their personal goals they may be eligible to accrue credits to the savings account see Pay Points Chart. When participants meet goals and graduate from the program, they are eligible to receive a payout of the monies accrued throughout the duration of participation – historically the average savings to a participant is around $6,000.

The pathway to self-sufficiency is different for each FSS participant, and our goal is to support individuals as they navigate their path and take the next step toward self-sufficiency.

Join us for an Information Session to find out more about FSS.  Attendance is required for Enrollment into FSS.


Attendance at an FSS Information Session is Required for Enrollment into FSS.  Upcoming Sessions:

CHA Central Office
60 E Van Buren, Client Center
Wednesday       4/11/18              11am – 12pm
Wednesday       6/13/18              3pm – 4pm

CHA HCV West Office
2750 W Roosevelt Rd
Thursday            4/26/18              3pm – 4pm
Thursday            5/24/18              3pm – 4pm
Thursday            6/28/18              3pm – 4pm

CHA HCV South Office
10 W 35th St, 5th Floor
Thursday            5/10/18              9am – 10am

CHA Section 3 Office
3641 S State St.

Thursday            4/5/18                4pm – 5pm
Thursday            5/3/18                4pm – 5pm
Thursday            6/7/18                4pm – 5pm

Heartland Alliance at Main FSS Office
400 W 76th St
Saturday             5/12/18              11am – 12pm
Saturday             6/9/18                11am – 12pm
Tuesday              6/19/18              6pm – 7pm

Heartland Alliance at Ravenswood Office
4411 N Ravenswood, 3rd Floor

Tuesday              5/15/18              5:30pm – 6:30pm

Charles Hayes Family Investment Center
4859 S. Wabash

Saturday             4/14/18              11am – 12pm

Chicago Center for Arts and Technology (CHICAT)
1701 W 13th St.

Thursday            4/19/18              5:30pm – 6:30pm
Thursday            6/14/18              5:30pm – 6:30pm

1152 N Christiana

Tuesday              4/17/18              6pm – 7pm

For more information, call the FSS hotline at (773) 672-6644 

More Information

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