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Partnership Application & Screening PROTocol

Partnership Application
Any health-related organization requesting to meet with residents in a common area of a CHA building must complete a partnership application for CHA review/approval.  The protocol and the application are accessible via CHA’s web site ( or by contacting CHA Senior Services (312-913-7164).  Property Managers, Resident Service Coordinators along with CHA Resident Services and Property Office staff will be notified of the protocol.

All partnership applications will be reviewed by a committee for approval/denial for partnership. The committee will be coordinated by Resident Services, with membership from Asset Management and a representative of the Senior Housing Advisory Council (SHAC).

Applications must be completed using the fillable PDF function and then printed and signed; hand-written applications will not be reviewed and will be returned. 

Partnership Approval
A letter will be issued within 45 days of receipt of the application, approving the partnership application and outlining expectations of services to be provided.  The letter will include a section on acceptable/unacceptableactivities.

A list of approved partners will be maintained by Resident Services and distributed to SHAC and Resident Service Coordinators and published on CHA’s website with regular updates.

Scheduling of approved organizations will be based on resident interest, availability of space and time and property staff capacity to promote and host the event. Properties/RSCs will keep Resident Services informed of scheduled presentations and alert them to any issues that may arise.

Approved Partnerships are valid for up to 2 years. Upon expiration, any updates to the application must be submitted and reviewed for renewal.

Partnership Denial
A letter will be issued within 45 days of receipt of the application, denying the partnership application and outlining the reasons for denial.

Denied partnership applicants may request a second review within 45 days of the date of CHA’s denial letter. The request for a second review should be made in writing. The letter should include a response to the reasons for denial and sent to:

Chicago Housing Authority
Resident Services
60 E Van Buren, 10th floor
Chicago, IL 60605
ATT: Senior Services

Second Review
Within 60 days of receipt of a written request, CHA will conduct a second review.  In addition to reconsideration by the Committee, CHA’s review may include an additional background check.   A final recommendation will be reviewed for concurrence by CHA’s Chief Resident Services Officer, and Chief Property Officer.

Following the second review, a final letter will be issued approving or denying the partnership application. No further appeals will be accepted. No new applications will be accepted for one (1) year from the date of final decision.

Health Partnership Guidelines

Acceptable  - Examples

Not acceptable - Examples

Who is eligible?

Health-related organizations, including direct service providers and insurers. 

Does not apply to for-profit insurers or businesses other than those that are health-related. 

What services can be provided?

Each partner’s presentation is to be a part of one of the building’s health-related events.  General information and non-invasive screenings such as blood pressure screening or pharmaceutical consultation.

Invasive screenings (e.g.; involving puncture of skin or collection of bodily fluids); enrollment, sales or solicitation of any type.

Can gifts or incentives be offered?

Sponsored resident activities (e.g.; lunch; bingo or raffle prizes)   Give-aways with logo. Guideline: $25/participant per event.

Staff who work for, or whose organization is funded by, CHA, may not benefit from or accept any gifts or incentives.  Resident incentives for referring or enrolling others are not permitted.

If approved, when will my organization be scheduled?

Once approved, actual scheduling of a specific topic/event in a CHA building will be determined between the building’s Resident Service Coordinator or Property Manager based on resident interest, availability of space and time and property staff capacity to promote and host an event. 

The partner may not come in for a one time or regularly scheduled table availability.  In order to provide additional services not proposed/approved in the application, partners must contact CHA Resident Services for additional approval. Any partner providing services that are not acceptable will be removed immediately from the approved partner list.


HEALTH Partnership Application

Click here to download

Approved CHA Health Partners (as of Sept. 1, 2016)
(see Health Partnership Application Protocol for acceptable activities)


Proposed Activities

Alpha Omega Business Development
Carol Levy

Serve during scheduled events; Home Health Care presentations; provide giveaways; distribute promotional materials.

Georgia Doty HIV and Hepatitis 
Community Outreach
Don Doty, President

Presentations about Diabetes, Hepatitis, and Senior Fraud; health information fairs.

Wellbeing Healthcare
Robert Sommerfeld

Health and wellness presentations (various topics)

Sports and Ortho PC
Bonnie Perez

Time and space to offer injury screening

Oak Street Health
Tony Tovar, Director of Community Relations

Blood Pressure Screenings; health and wellness presentations and education (various topics); organize walking clubs; host special events; provide access to community room activities at Oak Street health clinics.

Open Waters Home Health Care, Inc.
Leodelfin Dy, Administrator

Health Screen Fairs;
Health education programs

Exact Care Pharmacy
Erica Calvin, Senior Account Manager

Sponsor Health Fairs;

Medication Management seminars and educational sessions

1st Assist Healthcare LLC
Pamela Canete, Administrator

  • Seminars/classes for disease prevention and management
  • Fall prevention screening*
  • Blood pressure screening*
  • Mobile van for HIV/AIDS testing

*These activities must be provided in the context of an educational session that is open to residents of a CHA building.  

New Vision at Thorek Memorial Hospital
Raymond Law, Service Coordinator

Health and Wellness Programs

Drug and Alcohol Education

Fort Providence Fitness
Lauren Providence, Owner

Fitness exercises

Balance and fall prevention information

Cooking demonstrations

JohnEdd Brown, Sales Representative

Medicare approved seminars on obesity, managing weight and other health topics

Educational presentations on understanding Medicare and Social Security benefits

Kelly Home Health Care
Nneka Green, President



Food and/or gifts (not to exceed value of $25/person/event)

At Home Quality Care
Anthony Todd, Community Liaison

Presentations covering a general overview of key healthcare issues for seniors

Review of body signs and signals related to each topic

Refreshments (not to exceed value of $25/person/event)

Sunshine Homecare Agency
Ola Bamgbose, MD/MPH, Agency Manager

Showing video clip on how to prevent falls and limit injuries

Public health educational presentations  (various topics)

Telligen, Inc.
Pat Merryweather, Executive Director

Flu and Pneumonia vaccination information

Mobile van for flu and pneumonia vaccinations (outside CHA buildings)

Educational presentations about Diabetes education classes

Diabetes Education program (6 consecutive weeks for 2 hours each week)

Citywide Home Health Services
Donna Castillo, RN


Health and Wellness Programs (health information)

Introducing residents to Citywide Home Health Services

Advanced Medical Associates
Jim Mathews, Practice Manager


Health and wellness workshops (arthritis; other health topics)

Workshops on new Medicare requirements

Walgreens, Region 10 Chicago
Jada Anderson, Regional Healthcare Director


General Prescription and medication information

Blood Pressure Checks*

Prescription consultations*

*with resident consent

Premier Medicare Benefits
Mike Salvaggio, President
Premier Medicare Benefits


Educating seniors about Medicare and how to apply for extra assistance;

Educating seniors about programs that can assist them in finding food and nutrition


Advanced Medical Associates
Jim Mathews, Practice Manager


Health and wellness workshops (arthritis; other health topics)

Workshops on new Medicare requirements

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Sandra Arellano, Coordinator of Community Development Network

Services for Hattie Callner, Britton Budd, Edith Spurlock, and Mary Hartwell Catherwood Senior buildings

On site wellness program seminars (wide variety of health topics);

Disease specific information

Invite resident participation in annual Senior Resource Fair/Golden Age Program;

Form walking clubs.


Let’s Move!
David Aaron Harbin, Fitness Coach


One free fitness and exercise class (health partner’s preferred location is Zelda Ormes Senior Apartments – 116 W Elm )

Information about fitness programs at other locations

McCormick Chamber of Commerce
Christine Bowden, President/CEO


Health & wellness programs/fairs;

Cultural awareness; field trips such as plays or operas

McCormick Chamber Sponsors who are also approved CHA Health Partners may be present at events; (no other sponsors non-approved are permitted to participate on CHA sites)

Andrew Tutt, Marketing Director

Provide health care education such as information on diabetes

On-site participation at a McCormick Chamber of Commerce health event as a sponsor

Provide information on easier access to medication and medical equipment including home-delivered low cost medications and home hospital products 

WellCare Inc.
Vicky Barraza, Marketing Outreach

Health and wellness educational events;

Zumba or stepping classes

Healthy eating habits

Other events that promote health awareness and socialization for seniors. 

Education about WellCare Medicaid Advantage coverage options.

Comfort Hospice
Katrina Agnew, Vice President of Operations

Provide information on:

• End of life care

• Income support and public benefits

• Right to obtain hospice services, dispel        myths with goal of building trust

Amazing Medical Care
Adoara Okeke, President

Educate residents on various health topics, including such as how to manage blood pressure and importance of exercise, to maintain good health and avoid hospitalization 

Demonstrate simple exercises with senior participation

Offer blood pressure checks for residents who are interested

Provide light refreshment

Ideal Care Home Health, INC
Jodi Hutch, Operations, Partner
847-410-8785  ext. 101

Health and Wellness Programs and Presentations;

Health Screenings (non-invasive such as blood pressure);

Provide healthy snacks, beverages or personal care samples.

David Gordon
Healthcare Ambassador

Health and Wellness Educational Programs

New Horizons Healthcare, Inc
Alex Melnyk, Agency Manager

Health and Wellness Programs and Presentations;

Samples of healthy snacks and demos on preparing nutritious beverages;

Education on VA Aid and Attendance program.


Bucktown Foot and Ankle Clinic
Paras Parekh, DPM


Health/ wellness programs; Isotonic/ Isokinetic exercise programs and “Mini” cross- fit programs. Provides laughter therapy. Does literacy volunteering.

Serenity Healthcare, Inc.
Belinda Brown, LPN

Health / wellness programs; teach on various illnesses and wellnesses; promote better diets; incorporating exercises


Addus Homecare 
LaShun James, Regional Director


Health/ wellness programs; Health presentations on home and community services; Education on available State and Federal programs; Health and safety topics such as summer heat, how to stay healthy, fall prevention etc

Wound & Rehab Home Health Care, Inc.
Siva Natarajan

Health and wellness programs; providing education on healthier living and lifestyle.

Global Premier Benefits
John Billings

Health and wellness programs, presentations and seminars. Provide information about weight management, social security and Medicare.

Peterson Park Healthcare Center
Danny Khananisho

Sponsor dinners or luncheons and events. Host activities/ games. Daniel Hudson Burnham building only.

University of Chicago/ South Side Diabetes Project
Yolanda O’Neal

Presentations and education about diabetes and healthy eating. Providing residents information about community projects.  South side of Chicago only.

Elite Medical Transportation
Trace Vandenberg

Educational presentations to build awareness about medical transportation options and insurance coverage. On Site blood pressure screenings, provide residents with a tool to keep track of their personal health and medical information.

Dana Means Business
Dana Means

Health and wellness programs and presentations. Educating seniors about Medicare and how to apply for extra assistance.

Home Bound Healthcare
Steve Barton

Educational presentations on health and wellness.

Silvia Franco-Spiegel

Educational presentations on understanding Medicare and Social Security benefits, health and wellness presentations.

JenCare Senior Medical Centers
Richard Larkin

Health and Wellness programs and presentations.

Leap Consultant Group
Vernon Yancey

Fitness and nutrition workshops, educating seniors about programs that can help them save money, grocery tours.

New City Supportive Living
Aisha Burke

Educational presentations on health and wellness.

University of Chicago
Liz Nida

Provide information on University of Chicago's Comprehensive Care Program Study