2014 Waitlist information

CHA Waitlist applicants that need to update their contact information should scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the update information form.  

Between October 27th - November 24th, CHA conducted registration for the 2014 Waitlist Lottery.  In the first quarter of 2015, a computerized lottery was conducted by a third party vendor. Based on the result of that lottery, names were randomly selected to be placed on the following waitlists:  

  • Family Public Housing,
  • Housing Choice Voucher (formerly Section 8), and
  • Property Rental Assistance     

In late April 2015, notification letters with the results of the Waitlist Lottery were sent to all registrants who provided a valid mailing address. 

People who were selected were informed that:

  • the estimated wait time before being contacted to be screened for a housing opportunity is expected to be 1-5 years.
  • Applicants are required to keep CHA updated about changes to their information at www.thecha.org/update

People who were not selected were informed that:

The Waitlist for family public housing, HCV, and PRA is currently closed.

To confirm if you were selected for the 2014 Lottery or for general questions about the waitlist, please contact one of the following departments: 

  • Family Public Housing - (312) 913-7266
  • Housing Choice Voucher - (312) 935-2600
  • Property Rental Assistance - (312) 935-2600

CHA waitlist applicants should enter data here to update your contact information.

If you are a current resident of any CHA program (Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher or Property Rental Assistance) and were selected for a 2014 waitlist, you are unable to use this form to update your contact information.  Public Housing residents should contact their property manager to update their information.  Current participants of the Housing Choice Voucher or Property Rental Assistance program should contact their housing specialist or call the customer call center at 312-935-2600. HCV Participants also have the option to request the ability to transfer to a new unit or report changes to your voucher by signing up for a participant portal account by clicking here.


Only enter the last 4 digits of your SSN.




First Available: Willing to be housed in the first available unit in any area of Chicago



What is CHA’s Waitlist Lottery?

CHA’s waitlist lottery is used to identify applicants for CHA assisted housing as it becomes available.

In 2014, CHA opened its waitlist lottery registration process for three of its housing programs—Family Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher (formerly Section 8), and the Property Rental Assistance Program. For four weeks, between October 27th and November 24th, individuals had the opportunity to register for all three programs at one time.

In 2015, a random lottery was conducted by a third-party vendor to select and place names on all three waitlists. 

What is the difference between the Family Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8, and the Property Rental Assistance Program?

Family Public Housing – provides housing assistance to low income individuals and families living in traditional family developments as well as scattered site and mixed-income properties.

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) formerly Section 8 – provides housing assistance to low income individuals and families using a voucher in the private rental market (voucher is provided to applicant).

Property Rental Assistance (PRA) – provides housing assistance to low income individuals and families using a property based voucher in family and supportive housing properties (voucher is provided to landlord for specific unit).

How many names were placed on each waitlist?

Family Public Housing - 30,000 total applicants

Housing Choice Voucher - 50,000 total applicants

Property Rental Assistance - 16,000 total applicants

TOAL: 96,000 total applicants

I registered for CHA’s waitlist lottery in 2014. How do I know if my name was selected and placed on a waitlist?

Everyone that registered for the lottery and provided a valid mailing address will be notified of their waitlist status.

If you have not received a letter confirming your waitlist status, please call: 1-844-242-4532 (1-844-CHA-4532).

You may also visit CHA’s main office at 60 E. Van Buren, Chicago IL 60605 to determine if you have been selected for any of the waitlists. 

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