Office of the Inspector General


Office of the Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is an independent body within the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). Its purpose is to investigate and audit matters concerning fraud, theft, waste, abuse, and misconduct within or affecting CHA. The OIG promotes economy, efficiency, and integrity in the administration of programs and operations of CHA. The OIG ensures that violations are investigated and prosecuted, as they relate to CHA residents and employees, contractors, subcontractors, or any entity receiving funds from CHA.

Kathryn B. Richards
Inspector General CHA

Michael T. Kosanovich
Deputy Inspector General CHA


The 3rd Quarter Report focuses on the success of our 2022 Peer Review, CHA’s Employee PPP Loan Fraud Investigations, audits, management advisories, and additional analyses.  

The 2nd Quarter Report summarizes criminal and administrative investigations, audits, and analytics projects, reflecting the full range of OIG activity.

The 1st Quarter Report highlights the activities of the Chicago Housing Authority of the Inspector General (OIG). This report specifies detailed statistical information as well as summaries of OIG investigations, audits, and other activities for the year 2022.  


The purpose of the CHA OIG Hotline is to take reports of fraud, theft, waste, abuse, and misconduct in CHA-funded programs and operations and investigate those allegations where sufficient information exists.

The OIG Hotline is not a customer service center for CHA and CHA program offices. OIG does not open cases on allegations that can be addressed through existing CHA complaint resolution mechanisms, such as maintenance     issues, landlord-tenant disagreements, or personnel issues in CHA or CHA funded programs that can be addressed under labor-management agreements.

Read the latest publicly available updates and press releases related to OIG investigations resulting in criminal charges in state or federal court.

Performance audits conducted by the OIG are available here.

The Association of Inspectors General (AIG) third party Peer Review Team conducted a thorough review of OIG operations in 2016 and 2019. The Peer Review Team determined that the CHA OIG is compliant with no exceptions with the standards promulgated in the AIG Principles and Standards for the Offices of the Inspector General. Management Letters issued by the AIG are available here.