Section 3 Job Order Contracting (JOC) Program

The goal of the Job Order Contracting program (“JOC program”) is to foster a partnering atmosphere by increasing Section 3 Business Concern participation and providing the opportunity to perform increasingly complex and higher valued projects. Contractors are expected to consistently perform at a high level of performance quality on all assigned projects. The evaluation criteria used to rate the Contractor’s performance is established by the CHA and The Gordian Group, Inc. (“Gordian”). In an effort to assist the Contractors to succeed and move up within the JOC program, the JOC program includes a mentoring element during the procurement of Job Orders where the CHA’s designated representative, Gordian, will work directly with the individual Contractors at no cost to the Contractor. Gordian will review the Detailed Scope of Work with the Contractor and assist the Contractor in preparing Job Order Proposals with eGordian® management software designed specifically for Job Order Contracting programs. Gordian will work directly with the Contractor’s Project Manager(s) to prepare the necessary documentation that is to be submitted with the Job Order Proposal.

Within each trade and project tier, Contract(s) were awarded to qualified and certified Section 3 contracting firms.  Trades and Tier Structure are as follows:

  • General Construction Contractors
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Interior Improvement Contractors
  • Fire Suppression and Life Safety Contractors
  • Landscaping Contractors

Tier 1 will be for contractors who are qualified to perform the work and wish to do work of projects valued up to $2,500.

Tier 2 will be for contractors who are qualified to perform the work and wish to do work of projects valued over $2,500 to $10,000.

Tier 3 will be for contractors who are qualified to perform the work and wish to do work of projects valued over $10,000 to $25,000. 

Tier 4 will be for contractors who are qualified to perform the work and wish to do work of projects valued over $25,000 to $50,000. 

Tier 5 will be for contractors who are qualified to perform the work and wish to do work of projects valued over $50,000 to $100,000. 

Tier 6 will be for contractors who are qualified to perform the work and wish to do work of projects valued over $100,000 to $250,000

 As projects are identified, the Contractor assigned the project on a rotational basis jointly scopes the work with the CHA. The CHA will prepare a Detailed Scope of Work and issue a Request for Job Order Proposal to the Contractor. The Contractor prepares a Job Order Proposal for the Project including a Job Order Price Proposal, drawings and sketches, a list of subcontractors and materialmen, construction schedule, and other requested documentation. The Job Order Price equals the value of the approved Job Order Price Proposal. The value of the Job Order Price Proposal is calculated by summing the total of the calculation for each Pre-Priced Task (Unit Price x Quantity x Adjustment Factor) plus the value of all Non Pre-Priced Tasks.

If the Job Order Proposal is found to be complete and reasonable, a Job Order is issued. A Job Order references the Detailed Scope of Work and sets forth the Job Order Completion Time, and the Job Order Price. The Job Order Price shall be a lump sum, fixed price for the completion of the Detailed Scope of Work. A separate Job Order is issued for each Project. Extra work, credits, and deletions are contained in a Supplemental Job Order.


12088    A & D Property Services

12124    A & G Construction JV Inc.

12100    A W Builders

12084    AGAE Contractors, Inc.

11787    Airzone Heating and Cooling

12146    Alexander Builders Corporation

12147    Alfa Chicago Inc.



12156    Avery & Pryor Construction LLC

12099    Award Home Improvement

12101    Bear Lamar Construction

12085    Brooklyn Construction Services

12102    Brother's Standing Together

12149    Chance to Change, Incorporated

12125    Community Play Lot Builders

11792    Community Section 3 Construction

11829    Construction Contracting Services, Inc. (CCSI)

12061*  Cordos Dev. & Associates, LLC

11793    CREA Construction, Inc.

11817    Create One on Earth Builders (COEB)

12056*  Dardon Construction Inc.

11818    Davila General Contracting, Inc.

12133    Environmental Source,Inc.


12172    Frank's Consultant & Construction, Inc.

12151    Gilmore Development Industries

12116    GJM Repair Solution, Inc.

12173    GMT Construction Company

11830    Griggs Mitchell & Alma (GMA) Construction Group

12174    GWO  Batiste Construction, JV LP

12217    H D Construction Group, Inc.

11796    Hood Construction


12104    I.G. Uwagboi Construction & Development, Inc.

12153    Ibuilders Corp.

12237    IMG180 Construction Company

12080    Impact Construction Services

11797    Iron Horse Construction Services, Inc.

11819    J & G Property Preservation

12222    JT Painting

11798    Karry L Young Development LLC

12108    Kingdom Construction of Chicago

12058*  KMW Communities LLC

11799    Koal Enterprises, Inc.

11800    Lemons Mechanical

12057*  Lopez and Son's, Inc.

11820    M & L Drywall and Taping

12175    Mackcel Group

11802    Maxwell Services, Inc.

11803    MDC Economic

11804    MFIT Construction and Painting, LLC

12109    MIKK Construction

11821    Miles Development, Inc.

12081    Millennial Enterprises

12223    MSC Carpentry

12110    National Painting

11822    Nehemiah Group

12235    New Age Technology Construction

12176    New City Development

11805    O.A.K.K. Construction Company

12111    Oakley Construction Inc

12086    Obed Cleaning

12238    Okimat Construction Corp

12087    Orlando Lawn Service, Inc.

12082    P.L.S. Services Corp

11823    Parks and Bell Cleaning Company

11806    Pest Pros Unlimited, LLC

12113    Pittman Cleaning & Construction

11832    PKP Remodel and Construction

11807    PMJ Enterprises, Inc.

11837    Quality Touches 1 Corporation

12114    Reliabuild Quality Construction

12177    Rush Services

11808    Ryan's Cleaning Services

12105    S & L  Family Renovations

12232    Safeway Construction Company

11825    Scootee Contractor

12154    Site-Work Cleanup, Inc.

11811    SMB Contracting, Inc.

12106    South Park Construction Inc.

12060*  Spurlock and Son, Inc

12107    Star-Brook Construction & Cleaning

12126    Starline Design Painting Contracting Corporation

12236    The Felony Free Society Construction

11831    Think Genius, LLC - JV

12218    Three Six LLC

11838    Tiles In Style, LLC

12115    Top Notch Handyman

11826    Trevor Development, Inc.

11814    Tri-M Mia Corporation

12196    UCS Corporation

12089    Unique Casework Installations, Inc

12178    Uni-T Construction

12127    Unity Fencing Company

12062*  Universal C&M Plumbing Service

11827    Veterans A.D.A. Housing Corporation

11828    Vision Painting & Decorating Services

12083    WR General Contractors

11815    World Class Fire Protection, LLC

12090    WTL Foundation 1

12155    YAD Construction LLC