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Procurement, Compliance, Doing Business Procurement Procedures Manual
Contracts Info, Doing Business, Fillable Forms, Procurement Contractor's Affidavit
Procurement, Compliance Compliance Requirements Quick Guide
Procurement, Compliance Schedule C
Procurement, Compliance Schedule A
Procurement, Compliance Schedule B
Doing Business, Policies, Procurement CHA Procurement Policy (Dec-2015)
Doing Business, Procurement PERFORMANCE & PAYMENT BOND
Doing Business, Policies, Procurement This procedure provides an administrative forum for the resolution of protests relating to the solicitation or award of Chicago
Doing Business, Contracts Info, Policies, Procurement CHA Board Approved Ethics Policy, 2015
Doing Business, Procurement, Instructions / Guides This form must be submitted with each bid or proposal. Each business of a joint venture must submit this form.
Doing Business, Compliance, Section 3, Fillable Forms, Procurement, Instructions / Guides It is expressly agreed by the undersigned Contractor and The Chicago Housing Authority that if portions of the scope of work for
Doing Business, Procurement HUD-5370c - Section II – (With Maintenance Work)
Doing Business, Procurement HUD-5370c - Section I – (With or without Maintenance Work)
Doing Business, Procurement CHA Department of Procurement & Contracts form
Doing Business, Procurement Certificate for EEO
Doing Business, Contracts Info, Compliance, Fillable Forms, Instructions / Guides, Procurement General Conditions for Purchase Orders
Doing Business, Instructions / Guides, Procurement Instructions to Bidders for Contracts Public and Indian Housing Program
Doing Business, Instructions / Guides, Procurement Presentations, Certification, and Other Statements of Bidders Public and Indian Housing Programs