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Resolutions 2011-02-15 Item 18: Real Estate Acquisition
Resolutions 2011-03-15 Item 36: Park Boulevard Phase 2A Rental Mixed-Finance Proposal
Resolutions 2012-01-17 Item A5: Housing Chicagoans Everywhere
Resolutions B4 Resolution 2012-CHA-14
Resolutions 4 Resolution 2012-CHA-20
Resolutions B1 Resolution 2012-CHA-27
Resolutions B6 Resolution 2012-CHA-37
Resolutions A1 Resolution 2012-CHA-44
Resolutions A2 Resolution 2012-CHA-45
Landlords or Property Managers, Application, Fillable Forms, Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing for HCV Program property owners
Resolutions B4 Resolution 2012-CHA-64
Resolutions A1 Resolution 2012-CHA-65
Resolutions B3 Resolution 2012-CHA-69
Resolutions B1 Resolution 2012-CHA-82
Resolutions E5 Resolution 2012-CHA-98
Resolutions C1 Resolution 2012-CHA-90
Resolutions B4 Resoluti0n 2012-CHA-107
Resolutions C2 Resolution 2013-CHA-8
Resolutions C7 Resolution 2013-CHA-24
Landlords or Property Managers, Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Summer 2012
Resolutions B4 Resolution 2013-CHA-16
Resolutions C2 Resolution 2013-CHA-27
Resolutions 2013-06-18 Resolution 8
Resolutions 10. Recommendation to accept an award and execute a Grant Agreement, in the amount of $866,800 with the City of Chicago Department of Family and Support Services.
Resolutions 3. Recommendation to award contract for electricity supply and related services to various CHA Residential Sites.
Resolutions 11. Recommendation to approve a Housing Assistance Payments Contract for Lake Street Studios.
Resolutions 6. Recommendation to approve contract modifications for Old Veterans, in the cumulative amount of $44,475.97 for various CHA projects.
Resolutions 2. Recommendation to enter into a Settlement Agreement with Oracle Corporation to provide the CHA with supplemental Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Licenses and Support.
Resolutions 10. Recommendation to approve award for the CHA's Employee Health Benefits Plan. Recommended Awardees: Blue Cross Blue Shield and Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, for a total aggregate amount not-to-exceed $6,881,246.00.
Resolutions 5.Recommendation to amend delegation of certain personnel related authority to the Chief Executive Officer.
Resolutions 16.Recommendation to award contract for Website Development and Implementation of Recommended Awardee: Clarity Partners, LLC, in the base contract amount of $144,230 and one-year option of $16,200 for an aggregate not-to-exceed total amoun
Resolutions 4. Recommendation to approve the two option years of contract with Varga Berger Ledsky Hayes and Casey, for an amount not-to-exceed $90,500 to serve as CHA's Ethics Officer and Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.
Resolutions 13. Recommendation to approve option year of Contract No. 11123 with AON Risk Services Central, Inc., in an amount not-to-exceed $80,000, for Risk Control Inspections.
Resolutions 8. Recommendation to enter into a new Intergovernmental Agreement with City of Chicago Department of Administrative Hearing to provide formal administrative hearings for CHA residents for a three-year base term in the amount of $75,000 and one, 2-year opt
Resolutions 4. Recommendation to approve CHA’s FY2013 Moving to Work Annual Report.
Resolutions 4. Recommendation to execute an agreement to enter into a Housing Assistance Payments Contract for West Humboldt Place.
Resolutions 5. Recommendation to increase the contract and exercise three one-year options not-to-exceed $1,020,750 with International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. to provide post-secondary scholarships for CHA College-bound youth and adults.
Resolutions 13. Recommendation to execute an agreement to enter into a Housing Assistance Payments Contract for Kenmore Plaza Apartments.
Resolutions 6. Authorization to exercise First Option Year and execute an amendment to increase the not-to-exceed amount of Contract No. 11304 with Gilbane Building Company for Authority Wide Program/Construction Management Services