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Project Based Voucher



The Chicago Housing Authority's (CHA) Project Based Vouchers (PBV) program works to increase high-quality, affordable housing opportunities in healthy and revitalizing neighborhoods throughout the City of Chicago.  CHA seeks to partner with developers and property owners to create affordable rental housing units that support economic opportunity and a healthy family life.   

PBV’s are allocated to Board-approved developments to create affordable housing opportunities for Chicago’s citizens through a competitive application process.  CHA creates the long-term housing opportunity for a given number of units in a residential property with a 15 to 30-year Housing Assistance Payments contract.   New construction, substantial rehabilitation, and existing multi-unit buildings qualify for application to the PBV program. 

The following documents and resources are available for property owners and developers:


Property Owners and Developers: CHA staff are available to discuss potential PBV applications and can be reached at

Who Can Apply:

Property Developers of multi-unit rental buildings or portfolios Property Owners of existing, well-managed multi-unit rental buildings or portfolios

Tenants:    Please Note that if you are a tenant and looking for affordable housing, you must apply through the CHA Wait List portal.  Applicants for an assisted rental unit can  “Apply for Housing” and can select one Public Housing site-based wait list and one PBV site-based wait list.  

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