Chicago Housing Authority takes first step to purchase Levy House in Rogers Park

Oct 5, 2018

Press contacts:
Office of Communications – Chicago Housing Authority
Molly Sullivan: (312) 786-3344;
Matthew Aguilar: (312) 935-2646;

CHICAGO (Oct. 5, 2018) –  The Chicago Housing Authority announced today that it has agreed to purchase Levy House, a senior apartment building in the Rogers Park community as it continues its efforts to expand and preserve affordable housing opportunities across the city.

The owners of Levy House, Council for Jewish Elderly, had recently notified residents and community leaders of its intent to sell the property, creating a sense of concern and uncertainty among residents who feared they would be forced to move if new owners took over and raised rents.

After meeting with Ald. Joe Moore (49th), the building owners and other key stakeholders, CHA made the decision to purchase the property. CHA’s purchase offer was accepted earlier this week.

“I am pleased that our offer to purchase Levy House in Rogers Park has been accepted. As we did when we purchased Presbyterian Homes in the Lakeview and West Ridge communities, our goal is to preserve and expand affordable housing opportunities in neighborhoods across the city,” said CHA CEO Eugene E. Jones, Jr. “The decision to purchase Levy House is an example of our continuing commitment to that effort. This offer is subject to HUD and CHA Board approval, but this first step in the process of acquiring the property is an important one.”

Under Jones, CHA has expanded its investment in communities across the city and the housing agency continues to work with stakeholders to identify new opportunities to provide affordable housing for seniors, individuals and families.

In 2016, CHA finalized the purchase of three apartment buildings that make up the Chicago portfolio of Presbyterian Homes, one of the nation’s largest providers of affordable housing for seniors, adding 111 apartments to the City’s affordable housing stock.

In 2017, CHA delivered almost 700 units of housing from new construction apartments in mixed-income developments to rehabbed SROs, accessible housing and housing with supportive services. Today, CHA has another 1,000 units in progress and under construction.

 “Our investments are helping to transform lives as we provide better housing opportunities for Chicagoans,” Jones added. “Levy House is another example of CHA’s ability to use its resources to support the needs of our communities.”