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The CHA Client Center and all HCV Regional Offices are open by appointment only.

Participant Services

  • Intake-HCV —  Learn more about the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program and eligibility requirements here.
  • Intake-PBV —  For new Project-Based Voucher (PBV) participants. Learn about Public Housing in Chicago here.
  • Interims — For current tenants who have experienced a change in family income, family composition, or. circumstances impacting adjusted annual income that occur between reexaminations.
  • Moves — CHA has a longstanding policy of working with residents and resident leadership whenever relocations are necessary for construction work or other reasons.
  • Recertification — Determining and documenting applicant and/or participant eligibility, income, rent and contractual obligations with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). 
  • Program Integrity — All employees, contractors, and vendors are required to report violations of the laws, HUD regulations, and violations of the CHA Ethics Policy.


HCV Appointment Booking Instructions

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The Central Office services any ZIP codes not referenced above, all Applicants to the HCV Program as well as those who participate in CHA’s Special Programs (Family Self-Sufficiency, Mobility Counseling and Choose To Own Homeownership).