Public Housing


The Chicago Housing Authority is the third largest public housing agency in the nation. CHA serves more than 20,000 low-income households, by providing safe, decent and affordable housing in healthy, vibrant communities. Public housing provides homes for families, the elderly and those with disabilities from scattered single family houses to apartments for elderly families. The CHA is 88 percent complete in a comprehensive, historic overhaul of 25,000 public housing units, providing residents a firm foundation on their road to self-sufficiency.

Family Properties

CHA provides just fewer than 7,000 units in 14 Family public housing properties. Many of CHA’s traditional family properties were built during or after World War II as affordable and work force housing options for returning war veterans and their families. The properties include iconic buildings with historically significant architectural features. Many of those original structures remain but have been renovated and modernized through The Plan for Transformation and Plan Forward. Recent improvements include new plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems, new bathrooms, new kitchens, improved landscaping, and other structural and cosmetic repairs.

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Senior Properties

CHA has nearly 9,000 Senior units in 43 properties throughout Chicago. Most CHA Senior buildings have been rehabilitated with new kitchens, new bathrooms, upgraded heating/cooling systems, sprinkler systems, and many fire safety features that accommodate the needs of older residents. The properties offer breathtaking city views and age-targeted amenities such as recreation rooms, scheduled activities and services, and 24-hour on-site maintenance.

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Scattered Site Properties

CHA’s Scattered Site properties consist of nearly 2,800 public housing units scattered individually or in small groups throughout Chicago’s 77 communities and diverse housing populations. Scattered site units offer a variety of housing options including homes in newer construction condominium buildings, single family detached homes, and within market rate rental developments.

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Mixed-Income Properties

Mixed-income housing developments are comprised of housing with various levels of affordability, including market-rate and affordable housing within the same property. Mixed income properties contribute to the long term CHA goal of decentralizing public housing and providing more opportunities for public housing residents to transition to self-sufficiency.

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