Oakwood Shores


Oakwood Shores is 277 one, two, three, and four bedroom units located in Grand Boulevard and Oakland.

Oakwood Shores is approximately 94 acres located in Chicago's Grand Boulevard and Oakland communities, four miles south of the Loop and one third mile west of Lake Michigan. It is generally bound by 35th Street to the north, Lake Park Avenue to the east, Pershing Road to the south and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the west. 

The site originally included more than 3,500 public housing units comprising the developments formerly known as Ida B. Wells, Madden Park, and Clarence Darrow Homes.   

Construction of Oakwood Shores began in 2003 and will be completed over several phases.  Three phases have been completed totaling 524 units of which 277 are CHA, 165 are affordable, and 145 are market rate.  Upon completion Oakwood Shores will consist of 3,000 units of new rental and for-sale housing. 


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Oakwood Shores

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3859 S. Vincennes Ave.
United States

Grand Boulevard
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Mobility Accessible
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