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Welcome! If you are a Resident Owned Business or S3 Business, a job seeker, or a CHA Vendor looking to post a job or find a subcontractor, you’ve come to the right place!

To get started, click here to register or access CHA’s Section 3 Portal.  Once you’ve registered, bookmark the page so you can easily return to it to update your information.

Visit this page often to learn about services available to support you on your journey!

SECTION 3 Resource Center

The S3 Resource Center streamlines employment opportunities for individuals and builds capacity for resident-owned businesses to develop and grow.

The purpose of CHA’s Section 3 Resource Center is to serve Section 3 eligible residents and participants and Section 3 Businesses by providing the resources and tools needed for economic development and individual self-sufficiency. The S3 Resource Center also assists CHA vendors comply with CHA’s Section 3 goals

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Charles A. Hayes Family Investment Center 4859 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60615
Hours of Operations: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Main Line: 312-542-8802
General Email:

Please note although CHA’s buildings are currently closed, we are available to serve you!

HOW DOES THE Section 3 Resource Center ASSIST Contractors and job seekers?

The Section 3 Resource Center assists:

  • CHA vendors to meet S3 Compliance goals (with S3 Business and S3 individuals)
  • S3 Business concerns with contracting opportunities either directly or through sub-contracting
  • S3 individuals with employment opportunities
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What Services are offered:

The Section 3 Resource Center offers the following services.

S3 Businesses

  • Registry in the S3 portal
  • Assistance with e-builder
  • Training & Technical assistance on procurement process
  • Assistance with hiring

CHA Residents who are interested in starting a business

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Development classes
  • Networking
  • Mentoring

S3 individuals

  • Technical Assistance
  • Portal registry
  • Referral to S3 employment opportunities
  • Referral to employment and training opportunities (for CHA residents/participants)

CHA Vendors

  • Assistance finding S3Business subcontractors and individuals
  • Technical Assistance navigating S3 portal/position posting
  • Assist with Other Economic Opportunities


For S3RC current Training Schedule please click here

COMING SOON! Resident Owned Business Course Schedule

For additional employment programs, click here


A Section 3 Business is defined as:

HUD has recently changed to definition of a Section 3 Business! CHA will be transitioning to this new definition:

  • 51% owned by a CHA resident(s) or HCV participant(s)
  • 51% owned by a low-income person (s)
  • A business where low-income persons make up 75% of the labor hours

HUD has changed other aspects of Section 3: Check back regularly for more information as it becomes available!