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Digital Inclusion Service

CHA is dedicated to bringing digital literacy services and resources to communities it serves. Through our Digital Inclusion Service (DIS) area and partnerships, residents have access to training, digital devices, and services in the community that supports them in daily life activities. DIS assists individuals and/or groups to access and obtain information so they can communicate via the internet with confidence. Residents need digital access to seek employment, education, online banking, etc. In addition, more and more of CHA’s systems and applications are becoming digital; therefore, residents need access to technology to sustain self-sufficiency.


Mobile Design Lab - The mobile lab provides onsite training and activities throughout the city.  The mobile lab is beneficial in reaching clients who don’t have access to digital trainings, services, devices, and is equipped with 30 laptops and accessories that can be seen at park districts, LAC Fun Days, and community events. 

Training - DIS provides digital skills training such as Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word, Computing with Confidence, Recognizing Internet Scams, Online Security Protection, utilizing mobile applications, and creating Google accounts. Some training curriculums can be designed to meet the needs of targeted audience. For a schedule of trainings, please email

  • Youth Activities – Throughout the year, youth have an opportunity to participate in Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) coding challenges, and FUSE Camps during the summer. Coding allows youth to explore their interest in a free digital playground connecting learning activities and earn digital badges to show off their skills.  During the summer, the Mobile Design Lab conducts Fuse Camp on and offsite, designed around youth interst in music, fashion, design and more.
  • Senior Activities - Computing with Confidence designed to increase digital awareness among our senior housing population. The curriculum focuses on increasing seniors’ knowledge and skills to have confidence utilizing digital devices required to communicate with family and friends, access mobile online applications, and engage in community activities.
  • Comcast Internet Essentials Training – Through a partnership with Comcast, digital skills classes is now offered to residents and communities beyond CHA’s public housing.  For a list of scheduled classes or to learn and apply for Comcast’s affordable internet home services, click here. Information is also available in CHA’s Digital Resource Centers. Discounted Internet Flyer (English) Discounted Internet Flyer (Spanish) 
  • Microsoft - The Microsoft Professional Program was created to help gain technical job-ready skills and get real-world experience through online courses, hands-on labs, and expert instruction. For more information, click here.

Digital Resource Centers

Resident Services provides access to technological resources at nine Digital Resource Centers (DRCs) located in various Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) developments and community centers. The Digital Resource Centers range in size to accommodate 20 – 40 participants and have features that makes each center unique from the others. For example:

  • The largest DRC, located within the Charles Hayes Family Investment Center (FIC), can accommodate up to 40 participants. Altgeld Gardens comes in second accommodating up to 34 participants.
  • Altgeld Gardens, Dearborn Homes, the FIC, and Wentworth Gardens are designed to host multiple events/activities simultaneously.
  • While the Lowden DRC is one of the smaller centers accommodating 22 participants, it displays a wall mural painted by Lowden Homes youth and has an enclosed area that can be utilized to conduct one on one sessions.
  • Lake Park Place is located on the building’s corner in an “L” shape and offers a beautiful view of Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan.
  • Jane Addams was opened in 2016 in the newly constructed community center.

Daily oversight of the DRCs is provided by the on-site FamilyWorks Agencies and are staffed by monitors who are CHA public housing residents or Housing Choice Voucher Program participants. The residents/participants are hired through CHA's Section 3 program and are a part of a two-year transitional program. FamilyWorks assists the monitors through staff development in preparation for future employment opportunities at the end of the transition period.

Technical support and maintenance are provided by the CHA’s Information Technology Services Department.  All centers are equipped with new computers, updated software, projectors, and are Wi-Fi accessible.

Each DRC has open computer time, provides technical support, coordinated programming for residents and other activities that encourage all ages to utilize computers and technology.

Access to the DRCs are not restricted to CHA residents, but are open to the community.  Standard operating hours are 10:00am – 7:00pm, Monday through Friday. DRCs in community centers and Saturday hours vary by location. 

DRCs are also available for use by CHA Departments and contractors, the Central Advisory Council/Local Advisory Council, and community organizations to conduct training and programming. Internal and external partners interested in reserving space should contact the DRC directly via email or phone and complete a reservation request form at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled event/activity. 

Digital Resource Centers Locations


FamilyWorks Provider

No. of Computers

Email Address

Hours of Operation


Phone #

Reservation Form link

Altgeld Gardens – CYC

Metropolitan Family Services


10am - 7pm 
1st Sat.
10am - 2pm

951 E. 132nd Pl.    Chicago, IL  60827

(773) 928-4116

Charles Hayes FIC

Centers for New Horizon


8:30am - 5:30pm 

4859 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL  60605

(312) 913-7132

Dearborn Homes



10am - 7pm     4th Sat.

2910 S. Dearborn Chicago, IL  60616

(312) 225-0310

Jane Addams Family Resource Center

Centers for New Horizon


10am - 7pm    Saturdays
9am - 1pm

1254 S. Loomis    Chicago, IL  60608

(312) 786-3142

Lake Parc Place

Centers for New Horizon


10am - 7pm
2nd & 4th Saturdays
9am - 1pm

3983 S. Lake Park Chicago, IL  60653

(773) 924-8138

Lawndale Gardens

Center for New Horizon


10am - 7pm Saturdays
9am - 1pm

2527 S. California Chicago, IL  60623

(773) 847-4287

Lowden Homes

Employment and Employer Services


10am - 7pm Saturdays 10am - 3pm

200 W. 95th St.   Chicago, IL  60628

(773) 660-1940

Major Adams/ Henry Horner

Near West Side Development Corp


10am - 7pm Saturdays 10am - 2pm

125 N. Hoyne Ave Chicago, IL  60612

(312) 243-8095

Wentworth Gardens

Employment & Employer Services


10am - 7pm     4th Sat.

3757 S. Wentworth Chicago, IL  60617

(773) 285-8753


Comcast is offering affordable internet at home through Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program. Gain access to low-cost high-speed internet service for $9.95 a month plus tax; purchase an internet-ready computer for under $150; and gain access to free digital literacy training in print, online and in-person. Apply Now