Family Self-Sufficiency Programs (FSS)

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CHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program builds on HUD’s FSS program model by enabling participants to build financial assets while working toward educational, professional, and personal goals.

FSS is a goal focused program to assist participants to increase financial stability and move forward on an individualized path toward economic independence and well-being.  Each participant comes into the program with a unique set of personal goals, some of which include:

  • Reducing debt/improving credit
  • Earning a post-secondary degree
  • Starting a new career
  • Starting a business
  • Becoming a homeowner

Participants can be the head of household, co-head of household, or adult household member age 18 or older.  Up to two members per household can enroll in FSS.

Our partner, Heartland Human Care Services, works directly with participants on setting personal goals, developing a plan and identifying resources and supports to meet the goals, as well as increasing financial stability and awareness.  FSS Coaches also provide mentoring to empower families in making positive life changes to increase well-being.

While participants work on their goal-oriented plan, CHA manages an FSS savings account that enables participants to build financial assets. As participants achieve their personal goals they are eligible to accrue credits to the savings account based on Pay Points assigned to the goals. When participants meet their goals and graduate from the program, they are eligible to receive a payout of the monies accrued throughout the duration of participation.

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More Information

In response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, FSS information sessions will be conducted virtually for the month of June. To attend virtually, you will need to download the Zoom platform. It does not cost anything to download the software here and view tutorials here. If you are interested in attending a virtual information session please review information session dates and register at the zoom link provided in FSS Flyer - November 2021, below:

Visit CHAngemakers to read stories of success from FSS and other CHA programs.

For more information, call the FSS hotline at (773) 672-6644