Open Solicitations

Full solicitations can be viewed via the CHA Supplier Portal.

All bids and proposals are submitted to: CHA’s Department of Procurement and Contracts, 60 E. Van Buren Street, 13th Floor, Chicago, IL 60605.

Proposals will not be accepted late. Refer to individual solicitation for deadline information.

CHA encourages all interested firms to attend Pre-Proposals, Pre-Bids, and Bid Opening Meetings.  Real-time online viewing is available. To view any Pre-Proposal, Pre-Bid, or Bid Opening Meetings online, visit


Formal Over 150K

The formal process applies to procurements valued at $150,000 or more. Solicitations must be processed in an open and competitive manner. All solicitations procured under the formal process must be approved by CHA's Board of Commissioners.

Formal Over 150K
Results: 4 records found.
Date Categories Description Attachments
Formal Over 150K Event 2592 - East Lake Management Group – Region 4 – Snow Removal and Salt De-Icing
Formal Over 150K Event 2584 - Pre-Qualification for Development Teams ("PDT")
Formal Over 150K Event 2591 - Bed Bug Remediation and Canine Inspections
Formal Over 150K Event 2590 - Pest Control Services

Informal Under 150K

Purchase orders for goods and services valued at less than $150,000 may be solicited without public advertisement via e-mail or fax quotations to at least three and often more vendors. CHA also solicits emergency contracts by phone without public advertisement.

Informal Under 150K
Results: 6 records found.
Date Categories Description Attachments
Informal Under 150K Event 2633 - Textnet Licenses
Informal Under 150K Event 2621 - Maintenance of Data Center Cooling Systems
Informal Under 150K Event 2631 - Occupational Screening Services
Informal Under 150K Event 2604 -Dell PowerEdge R640 Servers
Informal Under 150K Event 2610 - Debt Collection Services
Informal Under 150K Event 2625 - .NET Website Application Developer

Task Order

**Please Note** For Task Order Solicitations only the selected vendors in the program  are eligible to respond to task order Request for Services in the program. However, any vendor interested in subcontracting or supplier opportunities for such task orders may attend the pre-bid meeting for networking purposes.

Task Order
Results: 4 records found.
Date Categories Description Attachments
Task Order Event 2634 - Environmental Request for Services Task Order No. 16EE
Task Order Event 2627 - Environmental TO11EE
Task Order Event 2626 - Environmental Investigation, Oversight and Reporting for Five Senior Building Sites (3250 S.
Wentworth Avenue, 1507 N. Clybourn Avenue, 1633 W. Madison Street, 6414 S. Wells Street,
116 W. Elm Street, Chicago, IL)
Task Order Event 2618 - Environmental Task Order No. 05IH

Opportunity Notices

**Please Note** For Opportunity Notices, only the Pre-Qualified Development Teams (PDT) in the program are eligible to respond to Opportunity Notices.  However, any vendor interested in subcontracting or supplier opportunities for such Opportunity Notices can review the list of Pre-Qualified Development Teams on the CHA website at the Prequalified Development Teams (PDT) link under the Doing Business with the CHA tab.

Opportunity Notices
Date Categories Description Attachments
No Entries Found

Non Compete Sole Source

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is posting its Sole Source Review Committee (SSRC) procurement requests to the CHA website, Each Sole Source procurement request will be posted on the CHA website for a period of three (3) weeks before the SSRC considers the request. You are invited to review and/or respond to the sole source procurement request(s) on the website. If you have any questions regarding a requested sole source procurement, please contact the Procurement Specialist identified on the Non-Compete Sole Source Procurement website advertisement form, also available on the website. 

Non Compete Sole Source
Results: 5 records found.
Date Categories Description Attachments
Non Compete Sole Source Event 2637 - GrowthWheel Software Licenses
Non Compete Sole Source Event 2638 - MHC Annual Maintenance
Non Compete Sole Source Event 2628 - Right Fax Maintenance and Support
Non Compete Sole Source Event 2629 - Infor Managed Support
Non Compete Sole Source Event 2623 - Mac Annual Desktop Maintenance and Renewal

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Section XI, of CHA contracts, Section 3 Certification should read as follows:

To the extent that the contract to be awarded to the contractor involves construction, is a service contract with a labor component or a professional service contract, such a contract is a Section 3 contract pursuant to §24 CFR 135.3 et seq., and the contractor hereby certifies that said contractor will comply with all Section 3 regulations set forth at 24 CFR, Part 135 and any applicable CHA Board Resolution(s).

This pertains to all contracts with the exception of Supply and Delivery regardless of the dollar amount of the contract.