Board Information and Meetings


The CHA Board of Commissioners is the governing body that determines policies and resolutions of CHA. The Board approves decisions that chart the direction of current and future programs and authorizes the actions of the Chief Executive Officer and his designees.

The ten-member Board of Commissioners is confirmed by the Chicago City Council.  All commissioners must be residents of Chicago, and at least three commissioners must be CHA residents. Employees of CHA are not authorized to serve as commissioners. Commissioners serve staggered five-year terms.

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CHA Corporate Offices
60 East Van Buren, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60605



8:30 am   Finance & Audit Committee (Closed Session)
9:00 am   Finance & Audit Committee (Business Session)
9:10 am   Tenant Services Committee
9:20 am   Real Estate Operations Development Committee
9:30 am  Business Session
               Public Hearing
                Closed Session


Tuesday, January 19

Tuesday, July 20

Tuesday, March 16 

Tuesday, September 21

Tuesday, May 18

Tuesday, November 16

                                         No meetings scheduled in February, April, June, August, October and December

Click Here to download the 2021 Committee Board Meeting Schedule

Please Note: Each Committee Meeting shall start at the time specified in the Notice, or if later, immediately following the conclusion of the preceding Committee meeting.

Committee and Board Meetings will be Live-streamed. CHA’s broadcasts are accessible via CHA’s Facebook page and on CHA’s website: 

Meeting dates, times and locations subject to change. To confirm information, please call the Board Secretary’s office at (312) 913-7282.

                                           COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP


Finance & Audit Committee
• Committee Charter
• Internal Audit Charter

Tenant Services Committee

Real Estate Operations
Development Committee

Craig Chico, Chair
Meghan Harte
Bill Thanoukos
Francine Washington

Meghan Harte, Chair
Mathew Brewer
Dr. Mildred Harris
Debra Parker
Francine Washington

Matthew Brewer, Chair
Craig Chico
Dr. Mildred Harris
James Matanky

Most Commissioners are members of 2 committees with voting rights and counted towards establishment of a quorum.                 

Angela Hurlock, Chairperson 
Ex-Officio Member of all three committees with voting rights but not counted for quorum.

Craig Chico, Vice Chairman
Ex-Officio Member of 1 committee (Tenant Services Committee) with voting rights but not counted for quorum.


• Office of the Inspector General
         • OIG Charter