Private Property Management Services

Lawndale Gardens


The Chicago Housing Authority provides homes to more than 63,000 households while supporting healthy communities in neighborhoods throughout the city. Designated a Moving to Work agency by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, CHA has used that flexibility to create innovative partnerships that expand choices and opportunities for the low-income families and individuals it serves. At the start of 2018, 63 percent of work-able CHA residents were working and earning a yearly average of almost $22,000

The Chicago Housing Authority is a municipal not-for-profit corporation, governed by a Board of Commissioners consisting of ten members.  The commissioners are appointed by the Mayor.

Private Property Managers service 21,000 families at 65 properties. The four management companies that serve our Family, Senior, and Scattered Sites effective FY 2020, are:

  1. Manage Chicago, Inc
  2. Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
  3. East Lake Management 
  4. The Habitat Company



CHA provides housing to more than 50,000 families and individuals in Chicago and has a variety of opportunities available to help residents along their path toward self-sufficiency. 


CHA operates almost 10,000 senior units across the City of Chicago and focuses on providing our seniors with a high quality of life.

Scattered Sites

CHA’s Scattered Site properties consist of nearly 2,800 public housing units scattered individually or in small groups throughout Chicago’s 77 communities and diverse housing populations. Scattered site units offer a variety of housing options including homes in newer construction condominium buildings, single family detached homes, and within market rate rental developments.


  1. Manage Chicago, Inc

      433 W. 119th St.,

      Chicago, IL 60628 773-449-5151


Type Property  Building Address
Family Altgeld/Murray 700-722 E 133RD PL
Scattered Sites SS Region 4(2) VARIOUS
  1. Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

325 N. Wells St., 8th Fl., Chicago, IL 60654



Type Property Building 
Family Presbyterian Homes (Devon Place Apts.) 1950 W DEVON AV
Scattered Sites Horner - Westhaven VARIOUS
  SS Region 1 VARIOUS
  SS Region 2 VARIOUS
Senior Albany Terrace Apts. 3030 W 21ST PL
  Alfreda Barnett Duster 150 S CAMPBELL AV
  Daniel Hudson Burnham 1930 W LOYOLA AVE
  Elizabeth Davis 440 N DRAKE AVE
  Elizabeth Woods Apts 1845 N LARRABEE ST
  Ella Flag Young 4645 N SHERIDAN RD
  Fisher Apts. 5821 N BROADWAY ST
  Hattie Callner Apts 855 W ALDINE AVE
  Irene McCoy Gaines 3700 W CONGRESS PKWY
  Las Americas 1611 S RACINE AVE
  Lidia Pucinska 847 N GREENVIEW AV/ 838 N NOBLE ST
  Lorraine Hansberry 5670 W LAKE ST
  Margaret Day Blake 2140 N CLARK ST
  Maria Martinez 2111 N HALSTED ST
  Mary Hartwell Catherwood 3920-30-40 N CLARK ST
  Presbyterian Homes (Crowder Place Apts.) 3801 N PINE GROVE AV
  Presbyterian Homes (Mulvey Place Apts.) 416 W BARRY AV
  Schneider Apts. 1750 W PETERSON AVE
  Wicker Park Apartments 1414 N DAMEN 2020 W SCHILLER ST
  William Castleman 4945 N SHERIDAN RD
  William Jones Apartments 1447 S ASHLAND AV


  1. East Lake Management Group

               2850 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60616


Type Property  Building Address
Family ABLA 1232-42 W 14TH ST
  Bridgeport 817-829 W 31ST ST
  Cabrini Rowhouse 815-845 N CAMBRIDGE AV
  Dearborn Homes 2701 S DEARBORN ST
  Domain Lofts 900 N KINGSBURY ST
  Lake Parc Place 3939 S LAKE PARK AV
  Lawndale Garden 2701-2731 W 25TH ST
  Orchard Park 873 N LARRABEE ST
  Wentworth Gardens 239-257 W 37TH PL
Scattered Sites SS Region 3 VARIOUS
  Washington Park VARIOUS
Senior Armour Square   3120 S WENTWORTH AV 
  Flannery  Apts.   1507-31 N CLYBOURN AV 
  Judge Green Apts.   4030 S LAKE PARK AVE 
  Judge Slater Apts.   740 E 43RD ST 4218 S CTG GRV 
  Lincoln Perry Apts.   3245 S PRAIRIE AVE/ 243 E 43RD ST 
  Long Life 344 W 28TH PL
  Mary Jane Richardson-Jones   4930 S LANGLEY AVE 
  Maudelle Brown Bousfield Apts.   4949 S COTTAGE GROVE 
  Minnie Ripperton   4250 S PRINCETON AVE 
  Vivian Gordan Harsh Apts.   4227 S OAKENWALD AV 
  Zelda Ormes   116 W ELM ST 
  1. The Habitat Company

              350 W. Hubbard St., Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60654



Type Property Building Addres
Family Harrison Courts 2910 W HARRISON ST
  Loomis Courts 1314 W. 15TH ST 
  Lowden 202-212A W 95TH ST
  Trumbull 2403-2409 E 105TH ST
Senior Ada S. Dennison-McKinley   661 E 69TH ST 
  Britton Budd 501 W SURF ST
  Caroline Hedger 6400 N SHERIDAN RD
  Fannie Emanuel 3916 W WASHINGTON BLVD
  Kenmore 5040 N KENMORE
  Kenneth Campbell   6360 S MINERVA AVE 
  Mahalia Jackson   9141/9177 S SOUTH CHICAGO AV 
  Major Robert Lawrence   655 W 65TH ST 
  Patrick Sullivan Apts. 1633 W MADISON ST
  Pomeroy 5650 N KENMORE AVE
  Vivian Carter   6401 S YALE AVE 
  Water's Edge (Lathrop Elderly) 2717 N LEAVITT ST



Workforce Opportunity Resource Center (WORC) within Resident Services at CHA streamlines employment opportunities for residents and low-income individuals and builds capacity for resident-owned businesses to develop and grow.

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) offers affordable rental housing opportunities. Waitlists are open and you can apply at any time.

If you need assistance you can visit the Central Office located at 60 E Van Buren St or for all other Client Center needs, schedule an appointment here.

The Department of Procurement and Contracts (DPC) procures goods and services for the Chicago Housing Authority. CHA seeks to do business with firms and organizations that have the technical and financial capacity to provide quality products and services. CHA’s standards include industry best practices that promote accountability, transparency and efficiency in our procurement processes.