CHA Resident Relocation Policies

CHA has a longstanding policy of working with residents and resident leadership whenever relocations are necessary for construction work or other reasons. This includes advance meetings to discuss the scope of work, timing and impact on residents and regular updates on the project’s progress.

CHA already has in place policies of its own for relocation of residents and adheres to federally mandated relocation policies set forth by HUD.

CHA understands the impact construction work can have on residents and for that reason, is committed to ensuring that residents are informed in advance of and given updates during any construction work at their buildings.

CHA already does the following for residents:

  1. As a part of the initial planning for rehabilitation or renovation project the Local Advisory Council (LAC) elected building representative(s) are informed of the project plans and solicited for input.
  2. Conducts a community meeting open to all residents at least 120 days prior to the start of construction.
  3. Monthly community meetings are held and include project updates by CHA staff. The LAC are included in bi-weekly construction meetings once the project begins.
  4. Provides 120 -ay general information notice informing residents of the project.
  5. A relocation coordinator is assigned to a project at least 120 days in advance of the first relocation to work individually with impacted residents.
  6. Conducts individual meetings with residents who will be relocated to coordinate and plan for the moving date.
  7. Provides 90-day written notices to each resident where relocation will be required as part of project.
  8. The CHA matches each resident to be relocated with a unit that meets all of their requested and approved reasonable accommodation needs and with the appropriate UFAS accessibility unit as appropriate to meet the needs of the resident at least 30 days prior to relocation.
  9. Provides 30-day written notices for residents relocating from their current unit with a planned move date and location address and unit number.
  10. Provides moving services including boxes, packing and unpacking (if accepted by the resident), and movers – all paid for by the CHA.
  11. Provides 48-hour written notices for unit or building inspections.

CHA also adheres to these HUD-required policies on relocation:

Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act (URA)

HUD Section 104(d) additional requirements for relocation for projects that receive CDBG or HOME funds

RAD Project relocation requirements