CHA Board to vote on West, North and Southwest Side housing developments, including first phases of LeClaire, at Tuesday’s meeting

Jul 17, 2023
LeClair Rendering

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Board of Commissioners is scheduled to vote on Tuesday on three major new housing developments on the West, North and Southwest Sides, including the first phase of the long-awaited LeClaire redevelopment effort. The other projects are Parkside Phase 5 in the former Cabrini Green area and Ogden Commons Phase A2 in the Lawndale neighborhood.

Together, these projects will add 357 new rental apartments around the city, including 153 apartments for families from CHA’s waitlists, 134 affordable apartments and 70 market-rate apartments.

“CHA is increasing affordable housing opportunities throughout Chicago and ensuring that these investments lead to strong communities where families who need housing assistance can achieve economic power,” CHA CEO Tracey Scott said.

Scott added: “The housing developments on tomorrow’s board agenda come in addition to 1,800 total mixed-income units under construction now, and an additional 500 units that are scheduled to be under construction later this year. With our public and private sector partners, CHA continues to identify new opportunities to preserve and create affordable housing for low-income families in diverse communities across Chicago.”


The LeClaire redevelopment is a 36-acre multiphase, mixed-use, mixed-income community development project located on the site of the former LeClaire Courts. It is located along Cicero Avenue in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood near Midway Airport. LeClaire is the last CHA legacy housing site to begin residential construction.

The new housing development planned for LeClaire will offer approximately 650 mixed-income residential units, as well as a grocery store, federally qualified medical center and daycare to serve the community.

The CHA Board will vote on a number of actions advancing the initial phases of the project, including entering into a ground lease for the first residential phases of the project, which will consist of two six-story buildings containing 183 mixed-income apartments (86 CHA, 79 affordable, and 18 market-rate.)

The Board will also vote on entering into an infrastructure agreement with the City of Chicago, which will provide approximately $27 million to support the infrastructure work needed for the site, including water mains and streets.

The developer on the project is LeClaire LLC, a venture between Cabrera Capital and The Habitat Company LLC.

Parkside Phase 5

The CHA Board of Commissioners will also vote on the new Parkside Phase 5 housing development, which includes 99 apartments in four buildings (an eight-story midrise building and three, three-story walk-up buildings.) The development will provide on-site social services to residents as well as community space, a fitness center and playground. The project includes 30 CHA, 28 affordable, and 34 market rate apartments. Notably, 35 of the apartments are either three or four bedrooms. 

CHA will provide an $11.5 million construction loan for the project as well as an estimated $13.5 million in rental assistance over 20 years.

Parkside 5 is located on the site of the former Cabrini Green development and is the final phase of the Parkside of Old Town mixed-income community, which began in 2005. To date, in the Cabrini area, CHA and its partners have created over 3,500 rental and for-sale housing units (including 1,226 CHA and 867 affordable) on twenty-five mixed-income sites

Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation and the resident-owned Cabrini Green Local Advisory Council Development Corporation are the developer for this project.

Ogden Commons (Phase A2)

Finally, CHA’s Board will vote on funding for the Ogden Commons Phase A2 housing development in the Lawndale neighborhood, which will add an additional 75 apartments, including 30 CHA, 27 affordable and 18 market-rate.

CHA will provide a $9.95 million construction loan for the project as well as an estimated $10.8 million in rental assistance over 20 years.

Ogden Commons A2 is located on the site of the former Lawndale Courts housing complex, near Douglass Park. Ogden Commons JV LLC, which consists of affiliates from the Habitat Company LLC, Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center of Chicago, and Lawndale Real Estate LLC, is the developer for the project.

Phase A1 of Ogden Commons is already under construction and includes 92 apartments with 37 CHA, 46 affordable and nine market-rate.


About the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA): CHA is the third largest public housing authority in the nation and the largest single owner of rental housing in Chicago. Through its public housing and voucher programs, CHA serves 132,000 people in almost 63,000 households across all 77 of Chicago’s community areas. CHA’s mission is to create and sustain strong communities where seniors thrive and everyone can unlock their economic power, ensuring that every neighborhood in Chicago has quality affordable housing and everyone feels welcome. For more information, visit