Legends South-Savoy Square


Legends South, formerly known as Robert  Taylor Homes, is a 92 acre site is located between 39th  Street to the north and 54th Street to the south, between State and Federal Street Streets to the west and east

It was developed between 1960 and 1963 with 4,321 units in 28 sixteen-story concrete high-rise elevator buildings. There are currently no high-rise buildings remaining at Robert Taylor.

The Taylor redevelopment plan includes construction of 1800 units  on-site and 600 units off-site for a total of 2,400 mixed income rental and affordable homeownership units. The housing income-mix for the overall redevelopment plan provides one third of the units each for CHA, affordable and market rate residents.

Pedestrian friendly streets and neighborhoods will be created through the re-integration of the historic street grid, development of open green space and the provisions for 1:1 parking.

There are two parks and several public schools within walking distance of the Legends South site. In conjunction with the redevelopment of mixed income residential development on site, commercial development will anchor the northern end of the site at 39th Street and State Street as well as further south along State Street at the corners of 47th Street and 51st Street.

Current Status

Currently under construction is the second off-site phase Coleman Place, which is located in the general area between 39th and 43rd Streets to the south and north and State Street to the west and Prairie Street to the east. Coleman Place consists of 118 total rental units including 52 public housing, 43 affordable, and 23 market-rate units with a new Community Center and Management Office. 

Hansberry Square (Phase A-1 On-Site) was completed in 2007, and is located along State Street from 40th Street, to 42nd Street. Hansberry Square consists of 181 total rental units including 83 public housing, 68 affordable, and 30 market-rate units with a new Community Center/ Management Office and an adjacent Small Community Park

Mahalia Place (Phase C-1 Off-Site) was completed in 2005.  Mahalia Place consists of 110 total rental units including 54 public housing, 44 affordable, and 12 market rate units

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Legends South-Savoy Square

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4448 S. State St.
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Grand Boulevard
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