Moving to Work (MTW) Agreement, Annual Plans and Reports

CHA has participated in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Moving to Work (MTW) Program since 2000. As an MTW agency, CHA has regulatory and funding flexibility to develop locally driven strategies to encourage resident self-sufficiency; achieve efficiencies and cost savings in programs and operations; and increase housing options for low-income residents. Without this flexibility, CHA would not be able to provide such a wide variety of programs for residents while continuing to invest in vital capital and development projects.

The MTW Annual Plan is based on HUD reporting requirements outlined in Form 50900 (Attachment B of the MTW Agreement). The MTW Annual Plan requires a public comment process and is due to HUD 75 days prior to the start of the upcoming fiscal year. The annual plan includes required information on planned operations and activities for the fiscal year, including proposed new MTW activities that require HUD approval for the upcoming fiscal year.

For older MTW documents, visit our archive.